Investigative Interviewing for Decision-Making Purposes: Clearer Communication and Fairer Outcomes

Professor Martine Powell1

1 Centre for Investigative Interviewing, Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University, 176 Messines Ridge Rd, Mt Gravatt QLD 4122,  

Investigative interviewing is the process of eliciting accurate and detailed information from a person about an event or situation, in order to facilitate decision-making. This presentation will provide an overview of what constitutes best-practice investigative interviewing, and how this can be achieved. It focuses on developing communication strategies which minimise miscommunication and error, and ensure that the interviewee feels heard and valued. The techniques discussed are applicable to a wide range of interviewees, including suspects, victims and witnesses. Finally, the presentation will cover considerations and strategies for interviewing vulnerable groups who have complex communication needs.


Martine Powell is a Professor in the Griffith Criminology Institute and Founding Director of the Centre for Investigative Interviewing at Griffith University. She is a world-leading expert in investigative interviewing and evidence-based methods of teaching interviewing skills that will be sustained long-term in the field. Prof Powell has nearly 30 years of experience conducting research in this area, and 260 publications on investigative interviewing and related topics. She has designed, implemented and evaluated interviewer training programs for a diverse range of professional groups within Australia and internationally. Prof Powell’s research is best described as practice-based, conducted in collaboration with industry partners to inform decisions about how to improve investigative and evidential interviewing.


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